The Brotherhood of Satan National Office. 

Welcome. The “Brotherhood” is an ancient organization. We are Theistic Satanists. We know that Satan is a real sentient Spirit. We believe in Satan. If you believe the same, then you are invited to apply for membership. Our major tenets are outlined herein. This website is your gateway and introduction to “The Brotherhood of Satan”.

Herein you will find some of the history of the Brotherhood Organization as well as contact information for you to apply for membership.

We are a generational Brotherhood organization. We have long been considered a secretive Satanic movement and a Left Hand Path conventicle.

This organization is the Brotherhoods’ “New Generation” assembly that believes that we must now be more open in our invitations and practice. We do this to promote and ensure the future growth of the Brotherhood of Satan.

The Brotherhood of Satan seeks those that would like to hold leadership positions within the Brotherhood. We do not just seek followers, but like minded Theistic Satanists. We are not for everyone but rather desire exceptional people as members. Each is given the opportunity to excel and be the best they can be. We trust in the personal potential that resides within all humankind.

We do not believe in Satan as a “symbolic entity”. We are Literal Satanists. We actually believe in Satan as a true Deity. In short, we know Satan is real. This is where the Brotherhood differs with other Satanic Churches or movements, such as the Church of Satan.

In the last several years we have ordered many changes to facilitate the growth of the Brotherhood. Presently, Master Counselors
* Druwydion Pendragon
* Wicked Darkfang
* Anvar Pendragon
are the accepted Co-Directors of the Brotherhood’s National Office.

The Brotherhood of Satan is not an online Group or Forum. We are an “offline organization” that has been around and active in the LHP and the Occult for a great many years. This is the Brotherhoods Project for the New Brotherhood Generation. It is overseen by the Old Brotherhood Generation which comprises the larger and more secretive Brotherhood of Darkness and Shadows. They are a generational association of families and adopted family members. They have been around since the early 1600s (here in the United States) and much longer in Europe.

If what we say here has aroused your interest then feel free to contact us for either more information or merely join by following our easy membership steps as laid out by clicking the menu button for Membership Application or contact information.

Knowledge used with Wisdom is our Way, this is the Way of the Brotherhood, and it is the Way to Power.

Ave Satanas!