Satan’s Grand Design

As a true believer in Satan and the Demons I am fortunate at times to be able to understand and see clearly things that most others don’t have the second sight to see. Many have asked the question….What does Satan have in store for me? Or, Why have I felt deeply within my soul that I have returned home as a Brotherhood of Satan member? Does Satan have a Grand Design in mind for each and every one of us? Yes, I think that is so. Each of us are individual Satanists and this Grand Design will therefore be different for each of us and on our own personal level for us each to understand.

Satan, as the Master of Magick and Mystery, operates very much in the same way. Satan will use Magick and Mystery in each of our personal lives. On this, you can count. Within Brotherhood Satanism there is a natural current of Magick and Mystery which will flow and which like the tides of the sea will ebb and rise. We each must understand this is the way that Satan and the Demons will work directly in our lives. Satan can not always been seen by us… but it is Satan that is that unseen energy which pulls and pushes movement around and inside of us.

Understand, and wisely, that if something can not be seen by us that this does not mean that it does not exist. When a Brotherhood Satanist or any other Satanist calls themselves a Satanist, then we have expressed our deep thought-form that INDEED Satan does exist. As true believers in Satan, the Brotherhood Satanist therefore already knows on a more spiritual level that Satan MUST exist. If Satan exists, guess what? Satan must have a Grand Design in mind for each and every one of us.

Satan gives us all the knowing thought that we as Satanists are LIBERATED SOULS. A liberated Soul is a soul that truly belongs only to Satan and therefore holds a special place in Satan’s own awareness of us as Brotherhood Satanists. What this boils down to is that yes, INDEED Satan DOES have a Grand Design for each of us as a individual. You might now want to ask yourself….What does this Grand Design that Satan has in store for me have to do with the Brotherhood of Satan organization?

The answer to this is simple although it may be a great mystery to those outside of the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood has been willed into its very existence because Satan wants us each to become a direct part of Satan’s family on earth. The Brotherhood is SATAN’S Brotherhood and no one else’s. Therefore it becomes the outer vehicle which our bodies can use in Satan’s Grand Design. Our Souls, as we each as true Brotherhood Satanists acknowledge, belong to Satan. Satan alone knows how to best use our bodies… and what is truly within our Souls. Does Satan have a Grand Design for us? YES, SATAN CERTAINLY DOES!

As the Initiation of your Soul comes to Infernal fruition it will be Satan (and Satan alone) that will give you your own personal glimpse of Satan’s Design for you. Then, like myself, YOU will know what Satan’s Grand Design is for you, and your own personal and individual part in the Masters Plan.

As you grow as a Satanist, never doubt Satan KNOWS what is best for you even if you may have to go through some things that hurt on your way there. These only serve to make you a much stronger Satanist of resolve and is great experience on your own personal level.

In Satan’s Brotherhood, we are all EQUAL in the eyes of Satan. Remember this and KNOW that yes, Satan does have a Grand Design and it is indeed for ALL of us… regardless of our level of knowledge. For it is our very Satanic Souls that Satan does so love and cherish.

As a Brotherhood Satanist, I admonish you all to do one thing: PREPARE yourselves in mind, body, and soul, for SATAN’S GRAND DESIGN……. The fruit from the Brotherhood is free for all of us to eat and it is true Satanic knowledge used with personal wisdom.